Welcome To The Team Chris Johnson…

Another new appointment this week, here at #oda. We are very pleased to welcome to the team Chris Johnson.

Chris originally hails from Leeds, having come to OneDesign after recently completed his MArch at Newcastle University with a distinction with the intention of completing his Part III studies in the coming year.

His work at university included his design thesis, which investigated the social and psychological phenomena caused by the uncertainty of the post-Troubles Irish Border through the view of the neutral landscape observer, the Cow. In his spare time at Newcastle, Chris co-founded a student live-project society working with local organisations to encourage students to be involved in real-world built projects.

In his two years out, Chris worked in practices in Leeds and Newcastle, between a range of local residential and commercial work to internationally prominent masterplanning projects, including work on a major film studio expansion in the south of England.

In 2017, he co-founded a student design collective in the North-East, engaging with local community organisations and design competitions. Developing professional skills alongside a collaboration with Newcastle University, he has used the experience as the basis of a joint pedagogical research dissertation proposing alternative methods of architectural education that embed entrepreneurial principles at Part II level. The research was presented at the Association of Architectural Educators 2019 Conference as part of a panel discussion alongside RIBA president Alan Jones.

In his spare time, Chris keeps active through climbing, running and hiking, alongside experimenting with cooking and tasting locally produced beers. His current ambition when not working is to watch as many of the classic films from his film bucketlist as he can.

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