The Genius Dog That Can Read and Count Helping With Homeschooling | This Morning

Meet Willow – Possibly “Britain’s cleverest dog” who has been helping children with special needs access remote learning.

Charlotte, wife and better half to our very own…Guy Price (one of our Associate Directors here at One Design), is a special needs teacher at a local school in Bradford. She has been teaching Willow, their pet Cockapoo how to count, spell her name and identify shapes as a way of supporting, engaging, and motivating children with special needs in accessing online learning sessions.

Willow has always been a clever pup, but with Charlotte finding herself in isolation numerous times over the academic year, she decided to see just how clever Willow was. When recording videos to upload to her class dojo page, Charlotte wondered how involved Willow could become and she quickly became the star of the show. Gaining children’s attention and engagement through a screen can be really challenging, but children in Charlotte’s class and school seem to love watching Willow do her work, and then they copy/work alongside her videos too.

Since learning the basics, Willow shows no signs of slowing down with her learning and over the last few weeks has learnt different weather symbols, celebrated the recent Chinese New Year by learning key words and celebratory pictures and is now learning the days of the week! Pawsome stuff!

Guys next step is to train Willow to use AutoCAD and REVIT…

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