Eco supermarket design wins planning approval

One Design Architect Ltd’s environmentally conscious new supermarket design for Cwmbran has been awarded planning approval.

Located in a key position, directly opposite the town’s railway station, this new store’s roadside elevation will be partially clad in a distinctive ‘living wall’ feature. Designed in association with landscape architects, Corscadden Associates, these contemporary panels of storey-high foliage will greet visitors arriving by train. Their appearance will change with the seasons and serve as a safe-haven for bird and insect life so encourage bio-diversity.

The overall shape and exact site position of the supermarket was designed to allow the retention of all existing trees. These trees when combined with the additional trees, shrubs and hedge row borders being proposed will enhance the building’s setting, help screen customers from surrounding traffic noise, enhance bio-diversity and assist natural rainwater capture. This natural approach to further reduce flood risk will be further enhanced by the inclusion of additional sustainable drainage systems such as rainwater harvesting, rain gardens and water permeable paving to parking zones.

Overall, the scheme forms an attractive addition to Cwmbran and will turn what is currently a redundant industrial site into a new environmental asset – a flagship for urban regeneration.