Creating Better Spaces Which Every Family Needs…

With growing families and increased patterns of ‘home working’, many families think their only solution is to move ……… but there are other options. Who needs the expense and stress of moving house when Architects can maximise the potential of your existing home and increase its value …… at far less cost? Often, a cleverly re-planned room or a modest extension will create the extra living space needed to relieve family pressures and give tired houses a totally fresh appearance and a new lease of life.

“In the office this week, we’re working closely with the owners of a north Leeds house to extend and remodel part of their ground floor into a contemporary open-plan kitchen / dining / living space. With subtly zoned areas, glazed bi-folding garden doors and cosy log stove, this unique new space will become the focus of family life, all year around, for many years to come”.

One Design’s Architects use the latest 3D computer software to draw in photographic reality which our clients say really helps them visualise how our proposed design solutions will unlock the full potential of their existing property.

Our Architects enjoy turning problem houses into future dream homes.

Please get in touch and let us explain ways in which we can help you.

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